FollowYourHEartBy Life Coach Alycia Hall

1) It is your purpose and it’s why you are here

You are here to follow your heart and create from that place.  Money, power, material successes are all great things to achieve and enjoy in life.  But when that is the primary focus something gets lost… joy, fun, and adventure.  Following your heart may end up attracting a lot of material success in your life but it’s secondary to the joy you get when you follow your heart.  When you follow your heart you are living your purpose.  It doesn’t have to be grand to be meaningful and powerful.  It just has to be you and that IS enough.

2) It keeps you young

No matter how old you get if you continue to follow your heart you will always carry that youthful vibrancy.  Nothing is more beautiful than a person connected with their heart.  It is a childlike innocence, wonder and curiously that some may see as silly while others can’t help but admire.  A person who isn’t burdened with all the demands of the nagging ego seems free, light and almost angelic.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 9.55.01 AM3) It’s the path that has the most excitement and adventure

This certainly isn’t the path for the faint of heart as it will test you and constantly keep you on your toes!  If you love adventure and love traveling to places without maps then following your heart is ideal for you.   It’s unpredictable, it lacks security and it’s so worth it!

4) It’s the life you will be proud of without regrets

When you look back on your life years from now you will never regret the things you did.  If you learned from them there is never a reason to regret anything.  It’s possible though to regret the things you didn’t do.  To wonder:  ‘what if I took a chance… where would I be today?  Following your heart takes courage and it is easy to be proud of courageous acts.

5) It’s the path that inspires others to follow their hearts too

Inspiring others to listen to their hearts and act on them is not effective unless you are walking your talk too.  Your actions will inspire others to overcome their fears and most likely you won’t even know it.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 9.56.56 AM6) It develops true confidence and self-esteem

By following your heart, you are validating it.  When you validate yourself you are developing true confidence and self-esteem.  You are not interested in winning popularity contests because you know confidence can only come from within.

7) It gives you an amazing story to tell your grandkids

How cool would it be if you had a bed time story that shocked, inspired, and left your grandkids in awe?   What if your stories came from your own experience and not from books of tales with fictional characters?  What if your story had that impact?

8) It will help you face and overcome your fears

Our hearts lead us to our fears so we can overcome them and develop a greater capacity to love ourselves and others unconditionally.  By facing and overcoming our fears we learn that life is one big celebration.

9) It gives you an amazing reason to wake up in the mornings

Every day has meaning and excitement so waking up feels like a beautiful new chapter in your own adventure book.  What will happen next?  What challenge will I face and overcome today?  What burdens will I finally learn to let go of?  It’s another day and another reason to celebrate.

10) Because it’s fun!

Fun is the leisure of the gods.  If we knew better we would do it all the time too.  Following our hearts helps us to achieve this beautiful state of mind every day.  It helps us to remember why we are here.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 9.46.10 AMReady to dream big and stop worrying about opinions & judgments? Alycia Hall is a life coach on a mission to help you find your passion and purpose in life. The team at LWTL has worked with her and we can attest to the fact this woman knows what she’s talking about. You can connect with her at or on Facebook