Ah! There are so many joys of working with strong women! And from them, I have learnt many lessons.

1. They have very tender, sensitive hearts

Strong women have a heart of gold. Yet, they are wise enough to cover the depth of this tenderness and sensitivity to show only to those who earn their way to this level of sacred beauty.

2. Their appetite for life is unbeatable as they embrace all the seasons life offers

Strong women love life. They love to succeed, get stuff done, travel, and embrace their bigness. They also know that life is not perfect; there is a season to celebrate and there is a season to grieve. They embrace the diversity of the seasons in their own lives without feeling the need to run away.

3. They believe they can do it all

Yeah they do. Strong women want to be successful women. They want to be mothers, lovers, sisters, daughters, friends, business owners, entrepreneurs, and spiritual beings. They know everything is available and understand that this level of life fulfillment requires learning new skills and an absolute investment in their own leadership and self-mastery. This type of woman devotes herself to her path.

They also appreciate that from time to time, they will fail in one of those areas. With this knowing, strong women embrace failure, learn from it and move forward.

4. They are thirsty to deepen into their feminine essence

Hell YEAH! They are no longer confined by the societal projections of success or expectations of a woman’s way of being. They dig into their depth to access their very unique feminine essence and lead their lives from their centres.

5. They create time for what matters most

Strong women don’t buy into the concept of busyness; they know their priorities and develop great skill at carving time and space for people and things that matter the most. Then, they protect it. Fiercely.

6. Their alchemical process of change is magical

The transformation of strong women is magical. They embrace change as much as they embrace life itself! This doesn’t deny that they may feel fear or anxiety. Instead, they accept and work through it allowing the process of change to flow and impact all parts of their lives.

7. Their egos are big, like their hearts and souls

Strong women have strong egos. In fact, a robust ego is very important in doing deep psychological work. Contrary to the myth that they need to weaken their egos, strong women know their robust egos support them to be unapologetically themselves, and when balanced with strong hearts and souls, this holds the container of change, and transformation.

8. They let you know when they think you are wrong

Strong women don’t shy away from a fight nor do they feel guilt around it. They hold solid values and personal codes of ethics, which assist them in fighting fair. They’ll consider other perspectives to refine their own but they won’t back down from tough conversations, handling confrontation and mastering the art of conflict.

9. They are willing to endure hardships to achieve their dreams

Strong women handle hardships in such an elegant way, reaching out to learn and enhance their toolbox of life skills. Tending to their dreams like babies, their focus never waivers so they’ll do–and learn–whatever is necessary.

10. They appreciate a strong, honest person who speaks to their heart

Strong women often feel that others are intimidated by them and therefore don’t give them honest feedback. After working with so many of these powerful women, one deep truth is regularly expressed: that they truly appreciate respectful, kind and honest feedback. In fact, they take it to heart and act on it as it catalyzes them through necessary shifts, growth, and transformation in their lives.

Such a privilege tending to the souls of strong women!


Samara ShataThis blog post was written by Samar Shata.

Samar has travelled her own road of transformation that began with the fishermen’s tales and meeting people of different nationalities who visited the Egyptian seaside city of her childhood. A featured speaker at TEDxWomen Vancouver in 2015, where she spoke of the art of transforming fear into action, Samar leads from her keen sense of understanding and proactivity. At the age of seven she created a group to stop bullying at her school, already recognizing that through connection she could support her peers in finding solutions to address their challenges. She continues to bring that enthusiasm and belief to her counselling practice, alongside many years of experience working with people of all ages in different settings to offer them guidance through periods of challenge. Samar is inspired by how seeing someone deeply encourages each person’s voice, discernment and their own wisdom. She is a psychotherapist, devoted mother of two young girls and the Founder and CEO of Well Institute. Well Institute addresses the feminine cultural attributes through depth and archetypal psychology focusing on working with women.

You can reach her at samar@wellinstitute.com.