Every lovely lady needs a touch of fabulous in the face of a new year. With the piling list of resolutions on the horizon and the return back to the daily grind, it’s easy to feel run-down and un-inspired. We’ve put together a few little ways to renew a sense of excitement and glamour in your everyday life.

1. Invest in a red lipstick – Every woman needs a little red lip to brighten up those less than fabulous days. If you’re late to jump on the crimson-pout bandwagon, then maybe you’ve convinced yourself red just isn’t your colour? Have no fear, there are a variety of shade options within the hue, so you’re sure to find one that works best for you. Before buying, talk to your local makeup counter or Sephora employee to find the colour that works best for you (your selfies are sure to never be the same!).

2. Buy yourself fresh flowers – Whether your status in single or taken, don’t wait for the man in your life to bring you roses. A fresh bouquet will work wonders for your home environment and bring a lovely aroma into your living space.

3. Start a new book – Sometimes we all get so busy on our smart phones and tablets, that we forget how essential a great read can be to bring us a sense of new perspective. Reading enriches lives and allows us to escape from the worries of our day. With a great fiction classic, picking up a novel may even add a touch of mystery and intrigue back into your life.

4. Give yourself a natural glow – Coming into January, the excitement of the holidays now seem like a distant memory as we are left with gloomy weather, cold days and daydreams of summer. Our pale complexions may leave us feeling a bit grey, but our skin tones don’t have to suffer. Brighten up your morale and your skin, with sunless tanner. We recommend St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse from Sephora for a natural looking glow.

5. Play with the cat eye – Part of going glam may involve stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new. The cat eye can make any girl feel like as though she just stepped out of a Hollywood movie. We recommend Maybelline’s Line Stilleto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner (the thin applicator allows for excellent precision).

6. Indulge in a warm bath – As the term “beauty sleep” goes, rest and relaxation is known to be a glamour girl’s best friend. Start the off the new year with a little indulgence. Run a bath, light a scented candle and turn on some relaxing music. Don’t forget to use a soothing shower gel. Not only will a warm bath help with your beauty sleep, but it will leave you feeling rejuvenated for the next day.

7. Create an inspiration board – Maybe you’ve sorted out your new years resolutions, but that boring piece of lined paper next to your nightstand just isn’t doing the trick. The best way to achieve your goals for the year is to visualize them. A mood or inspiration board is an excellent way to put your ideas on the fast track to fruition while having a little fun doing it. Get creative and cut out some images from magazines that best display your visions for the new year. Beautify your board with a little colour, a frame and hang it in your bedroom or work space.

8. Get your brows shaped – It’s been a long year and maybe you’re feeling a little worn down. For a little facial rejuvenation pick-me-up (without going under the knife), try a brow shaping. You’d be surprised how well this face-shaping miracle will leave you feeling like a new woman.

fishtail braid

9. Learn a new hairstyle – Always wanted to try the fishtail braid or dive into the ombre trend? The start of the year if the perfect time for learning that DIY hairstyle you’ve been putting off trying. Thanks to the plethora of YouTube tutorials, you’ll be a pro in no time. Incorporate the look into your weekly schedule for a new way to refresh your locks on those seemingly bad hair days.

10. Bring some glamour into your wardrobe – One of the hottest movies of 2013, The Great Gatsby, has re-instated our love of Hollywood glamour – 20’s style. That said, after all the holiday parties, your tolerance for metallics and glitter may be dwindling. Add some Hollywood glamour in an understated way by taking a trip to your local vintage store. Pick out a unique piece that gives you that touch of old world fabulous you’ve been craving.

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