Jen Tam is a fashion blogging phenomenon. She has turned her stylish hobby blog, Her Waise Choice, into a full time business. A master at balancing a fast-paced career living her passion, Jen shares with us 10 ways to stay balanced during the holiday season!

December is one of my favourite months of the year: spirits are high, and the season brings people together in a way that nothing else does. But between work, events, and personal engagements, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frazzled during this particularly busy time. Here are a few things I personally like to do to help me slow down and savour this special time of year:

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule – This is something I do all the time, but find especially helpful during the holidays: I like to sit myself down several times a day to look over my agenda, write out/cross out my to-do list and schedule meetings and social engagements.

2. Sit down for meals – It’s all too easy to eat on the go or have lunch while working in front of your computer. Carve out some time to sit at a table for your meal – it will help establish a proper break and you’ll find yourself recharged. You’ll also be more aware of what you’re eating and be less prone to overeating!

3. Remember to breathe /buy yourself a coffee – Pop into a coffee shop in the middle of a busy day, relax, and regroup (or you can also do this at home!). I promise you will leave with a clearer mind!

4. Look cute (but stay practical) – It’s natural to want to forego some effort when it comes to physical appearance during a busy time, but I think that making sure you’re put together can actually help with your energy levels and productivity. My go to is a swipe of red lipstick and a low heeled bootie that is stylish but I can still walk in all day.

5. Journal – journaling is absolutely my favourite way to calm down: it forces me to slow down my thoughts (since I can’t write that fast) and I find it very therapeutic. Reading back on your past journal entries is also an excellent way to track your personal growth.

6. Do something kind for a stranger – Shift the focus off of yourself, take the time to bless someone, and you’ll find your perspective re-aligned.

7. Unwind – At the end of the day, do something that signals to your body that it’s time to wind down. I try to spend at least the last hour of my day slowly getting ready for bed, reading, journaling, and praying – it’s important for me to do these things and it also prepares me for better quality of sleep.

8. Make time for family and friends – this speaks for itself: spend some time with the people who build you up and encourage you!

9. Learn when to say no – I know this is a hard one and something that I know many of us have trouble doing – but it’s okay to say “no”! Not overbooking yourself to the point of exhaustion is key to maintaining your sanity this month.

10. Remember what matters – At the end of the day, stay grounded in what matters to you. Step back from your busy schedule as often as you can and reflect on that!

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