So which would you choose? A creamy latte or water? Water usually loses the battle. Beverages such as coffee have become a substitute, actually worsening the water balance within our bodies. A necessary means to hydrate, rather than an enjoyable method of refreshment, water can take a backseat in our daily routines. Let’s change that! We don’t want to bore you with the benefits you’ve all heard before… but water may be the answer to your unresolved beauty and health issues. It boosts metabolism, stops headaches, produces oxygen for your brain – increasing brain power and productivity, and does wonders for your hair and skin.

The health benefits truly are unbelievable. A recent study found that those who drank more than five glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack than those who drank less than two glasses, and were 40% less likely to get cancer. Therefore, the more water you can get, the better! Interested in upping your intake, but find water too tasteless and un-appealing to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses a day? Well, we have 3 fun ways to increase your water intake to get you back on track and hydrating yourself!

drink more water 31. Re-Vamp Your Water Bottle

We know style shouldn’t matter when it comes to water, yet, somehow using a cute bottle that’s fun to carry around with you to work and in the car, subconsciously makes the bottle more appealing to drink from. It’s like having a re-fillable accessory that provides health benefits, re-fueling you and quenching thirst throughout the day. What’s not to love? It may seem silly, but so many beverage products we drink from everyday use the same technique to trick us into assuming good taste through visually appealing packaging and artificial colours. Why not do the same with water – something so good for us, that we need daily? We especially love these bkr Water Bottles from Shop by Monika. Every time you take a sip, use the deco as a reminder that water brings health to your heart.

drink more water2. Add Some Sparkle

Ditch all your sodas and sugary drinks because this take on water is loads better for you and tastes amazing too! With fresh ingredients and no artificial additives, opt for sparkling water with lemon, mint, apple slices and ice.Lemons are excellent for your health and work as detoxifiers, cleansing your system and aiding in digestion. The antioxidants in lemons also help to decrease blemishes and detoxify your blood, which maintains a glowing complexion. This recipe is a sure way to get you addicted to water and looking forward to the refreshing taste. Change up the ingredients as you please with various fruit choices and even add fresh berries for a slightly sweetened taste. (image)

3. Sip & Savour

Straw designs these days have gotten so much more colourful and creative, and we want to join the straw party! A cute straw brings a sense of whimsy to your glass of water and allows you to fully savor each sip. Check out this Etsy shop for tons of options. Trust us – you’ll feel like a kid again, and that’s always a good thing!

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