Being on your smart phone doesn’t have to solely contribute to decreased productivity. These days, and especially with our generation, we are constantly attached to our smart phones – so much so, that they are rarely used for phone calls, but mini on-the-go computers. Digital devices have become an integral part of the work process and a foundation for communication at our fingertips. Yes, we all have the occasional Instagram or Snapchat break but our apps to download list will keep you organized and optimize your workdays.

Let your fingertips take you from side tracked to efficient!

1. For the to-do list makers: Todoist

As a digital to-do list platform, this app is a must at the LWTL offices. Todoist is collaborative and makes task management effective with the ability to delegate tasks to certain people. Deadlines can be broken down to daily or weekly with upcoming reminders. This comes in a handy desktop version too and syncs up between your phone and laptop automatically!

2. For the note takers: Evernote

Evernote is perfect for saving and syncing information to all of your digital devices. You can clip and save an entire webpage into the app, along with images, research and recorded audio notes, or manage your lists, recipes and favourite links. You’ll never miss a beat with this app.

3. For the person with many, many accounts: 1Password

We all have a plethora of web passwords and 1password is your digital password manager to take that weight off your shoulders. This app creates unique passwords for all of your accounts so you don’t resort to using the same password, in turn lowering security. It will then log you in to all accounts with a single tap. 1password holds true to its promise of convenient security that won’t slow you down.

4. For when inspiration is needed: MindBloom

Mindbloom is one of the few apps that focuses on personal wellness rather than focusing on your to-do list. This app reminds you of the simple and important things in life adding to a more inspired workday. For example, a friendly daily reminder to drink more water!

Get out there and happy working!