No matter what stage you’re at in life, choosing a career path can be a particularly daunting process.  Whether it’s by personal choice or reality, we all want to land that amazing job that gives us a sense of clarity in terms of the work that we should pursue. At the Elletourage office, we want to help you discover your “aha moment” as you navigate career options and (inevitably) get your dream job!

To help with the application process, we have created a guideline of tips and tricks that will point you in the right direction as you seek work, face a career change or strive to locate that inner passion.

Self-Assessment To Self-Awareness

Whether you are searching for a meaningful career change or have an idea as to what you would like to do, one should always start with self-awareness. Online self-assessment resources will inform your process and recommend careers that are best matched to your interests, skills and goals.

Build A Mentorship Relationship 

Taking the time to develop a strong mentorship relationship will bring forward a host of amazing benefits, such as knowledgeable advice from someone you can trust. It doesn’t have to be with someone that is in the same industry as you; the idea is to align with someone you respect professionally and who can help provide direction, unveil interests and talents, and offer tips for networking and soft skills.

Network Away

Speaking of networking, this is one of the best ways to hear about jobs, learn from career specialists and connect with like-minded people. Not sure where to start? Use LinkedIn as a resource to seek out people that are in your field of interest; shoot them a message offering to take them for coffee in exchange for some feedback and advice. Otherwise, you might want to consider attending job fairs or local community events – you just never know who’s searching for an applicant like you!

Refresh Yourself

If you’re unsure of your passion or how you will feel in a future career, take the time to update your CV file so you can hone your skills and use it as a starting place. Taking the time to assess your core values will motivate you to explore alternative career options that highlight the set of skills you have previously obtained.

Following these guidelines will not only help in your career, but will also help you find meaning in everyday interactions and activities. From the Elletourage offices to yours, we wish you nothing but luck, happiness and success!