One of your closest friends has asked you to be her bridesmaid and you are feeling beyond blessed! You’re hoping to hold up your end of the bargain as you were specifically chosen to stand by the bride’s side on arguably the most important day of her life, but where do you start? Of course just being there is enough, but here are a few tips to help make you the bridesmaid every bride dreams of!

1. Be honest but complimentary when the bride asks you for advice on everything from the dress to the wedding decor. Of course your honest opinion is valued, but you are really there to support her choices and not sway her in a different direction from her authentic self. You may not love the hairstyle or dress she chose for you, but it’s the bride’s day and that goes beyond personal taste. Remember, the planning process may be a stressful time for her, so go easy and be supportive. As long as the wedding is unique to her, it will be beautiful.

2. When planning the bachelorette party, be completely selfless. You may be keen on a wild Vegas trip to take the opportunity to let loose with girlfriends, but if the bride is more of a laid back lady who prefers a winery or spa trip, then that is all that matters. Consider what will be the best experience for her even if it isn’t the most ideal set of plans for you or the other bridesmaids.

3. Pack an emergency kit for the bride on the big day. There are so many little things that the bride could potentially forget with the excitement of the big day. Being able to come through and pick up the slack will mean so much to her! Pack a few little things that may come in handy such as a sewing kit, lip gloss, mints, a pretty band aid, bobby pins, etc. into one nifty kit. She will absolutely love you for it!

4. Be prepared and check yourself. Know the schedule almost as well as the bride so you are on time and ready to go for everything, especially the ceremony. You will also want to allow time to help out wherever necessary doing eveything from getting water if the bride is thirsty to wrangling guests in for a photo. Also, do keep in mind, having a few cocktails is all part of the fun but make sure to check yourself and keep the cocktail count low, especially if the wedding is destination. It may end being a week long party and unless the wedding is in Vegas, what happens on a destination wedding will likely follow you home. Not to mention how important it is to avoid a hang over on the days when sleeping in late and feeling under the weather are not options. Ceremonies can easily run behind because of one or two guests so don’t be “that girl”.

5. Attitude is everything when it comes to being a good bridesmaid. You may not know or get along with all of the bridesmaids, but the most important thing to remember is to completely leave the ‘D’ word (drama) out of the wedding. You will be spending a fair bit of time with the other bridesmaids, especially if the wedding is destination and you must be able to put any differences aside. Try to keep a smile on your face and be friendly with everyone because any awkwardness may become evident to the bride and cause her unneeded extra stress.

Most importantly, have a fun and fabulous time… and don’t forget to catch the bouquet!