As many of us know, ringing in the new year gives us a chance to reflect and in some cases, reminds us what we did or didn’t need in the past year. As fashion trends come and go, our strive to keep up with the latest styles, can leave our closets overflowing with unused items. In order to clear out the old, it’s essential that we get rid of the clutter and make way for new beginnings. A more organized home makes for a more organized life. So, here are a few closet cleaning tips for downsizing your closet:

Decide where your clothes will be going before you start clearing. At Elletourage, we provide an online marketplace for women looking to get rid of their garments. The buy and sell platform means you could even get some cash back for lightly worn clothing and accessories – a great motivation for closet clearing! Sign up to get going on your closet purge!

Just a trend? You may love the crop top you bought for that summer music festival, but will you ever wear it again? Consider which styles in your wardrobe were just trends in comparison to the pieces that will continue to be classic staple items.

Try making a list of your favourite items from within your closet (top to bottom) without looking. Start out with just the items that come to mind first, then remind yourself what you have by flipping through the racks. This trick makes it easy to see which clothes should go, based on what ends up at the bottom of the list.

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Ask yourself, are the clothes in your closet an accurate representation of who you are today? You may still be holding onto that great dress that you bought back in high school because of the memories it holds, but not because you ever wear it. For most us, clothing is an extension of our personality and that is why we hold on to some pieces merely for emotional reasons. There’s nothing wrong with preserving keepsakes, however, if you’re holding onto something you haven’t worn 5 years ago, there may be a better home for the garment. One great trick for this is to go through your closet and ask yourself, if you saw this in a store today, would you buy it?

The hanger trick: If you’re still stumped on what to get rid of, this is an excellent way to figure out which items you never wear. Hang all your clothes on the rack with hangers facing the same way. Once you have worn an item of clothing, put it back with the hanger facing the opposite direction. After a month has gone by, take a look at your closet. The items with hangers never turned around, you should let go of. If they aren’t seeing the light of day, it’s time to say goodbye and sell them in our closet!

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