Erin Treloar is on a crusade for women. She recently launched RAW Beauty Talks, which has seen Vancouver’s Fiona Forbes, Erin Ireland and other wonderful women stripping off their makeup to bare it all for some deep discussions on beauty, insecurity and what it means to be truly beautiful. We were recently on set for a full day of shooting with RAW, and we were so inspired to see what a room full of empowered women can do, and how they are changing the conversation about self-love and body image. Check out this 16 second video of the Erin herself talking about her own struggles with self acceptance. 

We chatted with Erin all about what inspires her, her advice to women struggling with insecurity, and how we can all deal with comparison. 

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LWTL: If you could trade places with anyone for one day who would it be? Why?

ET: Ellen! It just seems like she’s always having so much fun and she is a genuinely good person! She works hard but she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She gets to meet so many incredible people and has the opportunity to share their stories with the world.

LWTL: Name a woman who inspires you and tell us why?

ET: Can I name two? I mean 8…. #1 My mom – she is a successful entrepreneur and kick-ass athlete who somehow manages to exude a sense of strength while still being incredibly caring, empathetic and nurturing. The older I get the more I appreciate how her and my dad raised us and the role model she has been for us. #2+ Oprah, Gabrielle Bernstein, Sara Blakely, Tory Burch, Ellen, Beyonce, Michelle Obama – basically any woman who has followed her heart, taken big chances and made a big impact! These women are trail-blazers and are making their mark with class, smarts and no fear.

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LWTL: OK, let’s get RAW. Tell us about your latest venture, RAW Beauty Talks!

ET: I recently launched a website that features photographs of women without makeup, photoshop or filters and interviews them about their relationship with beauty, confidence and self-love. My goal is to help woman find a deeper level of self-confidence so that we can shift our focus from the superficial to accomplishing the unimaginable. Every day we are inundated with thousands of messages telling us we aren’t good enough. We size ourselves up against photoshopped magazine covers, models and the perpetual stream of filtered, edited photos that pass by on our social media pages.

We compare our behind-the-scenes to others’ highlight reels. The result; eating disorders, over-spending, anxiety, depression and above all a cap on our own potential happiness. It has become part of our psyche to believe that we will be more popular, successful & happier if we can meet the standard of beauty laid out for us by others. Smoother skin, bigger boobs, smaller thighs, rounder bum, longer lashes, nicer clothes, shinier hair, poutier lips, fewer freckles, more freckles… the list goes on and on. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting trying to keep up.

At RAW we are the first to agree that a little red lipstick can make the world seem better some days but we also know firsthand that it only brings a temporary and superficial level of happiness and confidence. True confidence comes when we accept and love ourselves in our most basic form. In our rawest state. Join the movement by daring to go bare! Tweet, post or Instagram a photo of yourself without make-up, photoshop or filters and add the hashtag #RAWBeautyTalks! You can also read RAW interviews at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

LWTL: You’re clearly passionate about putting an end to the media’s representation of ‘beauty’. If you could tell your 16 year-old self something what would it be?

ET: You will not find true happiness by reaching a certain weight so let that go and start living your life.

LWTL: Virtue & Vice?

ET: Virtue – I care a lot about my friends and family. Vice – I chew my nails and leave my hair elastics and bobby pins lying all over the apartment (it drives my fiancé nuts!)

LWTL: The bobby pin thing might just be a girl thing – we hear you! What song is playing while you’re getting ready for a night out on the town?

ET: Ellie Goulding is on repeat day and night right now. It has been for months actually….I think I have a problem. Can anyone recommend something new?

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LWTL: Hopefully our members will have some new song suggestions for you! So, how do YOU define beauty?

ET: It’s hard to define beauty in one sentence because it can appear in so many ways. A kind, empathetic heart. Someone doing something they are passionate about. I also think it is so beautiful when people are unapologetic about who they are. When they own their uniqueness and embrace it. Beauty is something that catches you off guard and makes you feel magic.

LWTL: What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

ET: Launching the RAW website with my personal story attached to it. I felt incredibly vulnerable.

LWTL: On that note, fill in the blanks:

Friends are the family you choose.

Love is everything.

If more women helped one another we would be an equal force in the work field already.

One thing I would change about myself is I wouldn’t compare myself to others as much…I’m working hard on this right now.

One thing I love about myself is I usually see the best in people.

LWTL: What is your most prized possession?

ET: My engagement ring because it represents the fact I get to spend the rest of my life with my #1 man.

LWTL: What are you most proud of?

ET: Finally launching RAW after so many years of thinking about it! I came up with a million excuses not to do it but I couldn’t let it go. When something is coming from your heart you can’t ignore it.