Elletourage sat down for coffee and conversation with Chloe Popove of My Modern Closet to discuss trends in second-hand clothing & consignment, starting her own business, and more.

Chloe is 23 years old, was born and raised in Chilliwack, and is now a proud resident of Vancouver. She’s vegan, drinks her coffee black, sings in the car, and loves to thrift shop. My Modern Closet came from her love of organizing clothing swaps, having many retail jobs, and truly witnessing what consumption looks like, and realizing that just because she is one person doesn’t mean she can’t create change. She decided it was her time to make a difference. She is proof that if you truly believe in what you’re doing, and in yourself, you can do anything. 

LWTL: What was it that first sparked your interest in second-hand clothing?

My mom, hands down. My mom is one of the best thrifters I know, she finds the coolest pieces and makes everything she buys look fantastic. She’s one of those people.

LWTL: Has there been a change in attitudes regarding consignment shops with beautiful stores like mymoderncloset.ca and mineandyours.com opening in a major city like Vancouver?

Yes, absolutely. People are becoming more aware of the lack of transparency within fast fashion and looking to second-hand/consignment stores to combat it.


Chloe Popove // Photo by Saffia Clemens

LWTL: What advice do you have for the first time consignment shopper?

Oh great question! Look at your options, check out vancouverconsignment.ca for a full list of consignment, thrift, and vintage stores in Vancouver along with a comparison chart so it’s a piece of cake.

LWTL: For the first time seller, what types of items normally yield the highest return?

I think it varies, but what I see most is handbags, they continue to carry value if taken care of properly. Bags like St. Laurent, or Chanel don’t ever go out of style.

LWTL: What is the most valuable item someone has brought in to be sold through your store?

For My Modern Closet it’s been denim for sure–great jeans like Rag & Bone, and JBrand.

Juice Truck Pop-up shop

Juice Truck Pop-up shop // Photo by Saffia Clemens

LWTL: Did you have a mentor that helped guide you through the process of setting up your business?

I did not, but that’s not to say I haven’t had any support. The Vancouver community has been nothing short of amazing. The Juice Truck helped me facilitate my first pop-up shop, Nicolle Hodges connected me with some seriously rad humans in the fashion/media industry, and Elim Chu has been my stylist for pop-ups and has helped me streamline my closet, and find happiness in my clothes.

LWTL: What was the biggest fear you had to overcome to set up shop in Vancouver?

I don’t know if fear is the right word, but the fear is failure is always on the mind. When you launch it’s not just a business but you’re putting yourself on the line as well… With this being said, it is the most rewarding, exciting, and definitely a great form of self exploration. I wouldn’t change even a second of my journey, fear and anxiety included–every little road block has been a lesson, and with every hard day comes 3 great days.

To learn more about Chloe’s business, visit mymoderncloset.ca, and check out her recent interview with Global TV