Ladies if you love fashion you are going to love Kimberly Appelt of Style by Kim XO! This multi-tasking entrepreneur founded Style by Kim XO in the spring of 2010 as a creative project that allowed her to live her passion. Trained by two of the top celebrity stylists in New York, Kim is working with designers based out of Los Angeles, London and Vancouver, assisting with Market Introduction and Clothing Launch in Canada. Her passion is to help men and women improve their overall appearance and as a result improve their self esteem and the way they interact and carry themselves in life.  We love Kim and we know you will too!

kim2LWTL: If you could trade places with anyone for one day who would it be and why? 

Anna Wintour. The English editor-in-chief of American Vogue is of the most powerful people in fashion.  She sets trends, and has changed the face of fashion in many ways. 

LWTL: Name a woman who inspires you and tell us why? 

Coco Chanel inspires me. She was a true trail blazer and a fighter. A woman who against all odds had a dream and a desire to create and made it happen also Helen Gurley Brown.  She reshaped not only the entire media industry, but the nation’s culture. She was a role model for the millions of women.  

LWTL: What was the last book you read? 

I am reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book David and Goliath. I love Malcolm he is a fantastic author and also a native Canadian 😉  

kim1-1LWTL: If you could tell your 16 year-old self something what would it be? 

I would tell my 16 year old self to enjoy life. The world is your oyster, take time before university to travel and meet people.  Find out who you are and where your real passion lies.

LWTL: Virtue & Vice? 

One of my virtues is my vice. I am driven and spontaneous and I decide to do something and I just dive in and do it. This is also my vice as everyone knows there are consequences to taking action and not thinking things through.

LWTL: If you could offer other women looking for their purpose or “dream job” a piece of advice what would it be?  

Try to dig deep and be authentic to who you really are, you need to be the best version of you and not who you would like to be. Use your gifts and strengths that you have been given.

LWTL: What has been your biggest challenge?  How did you overcome it? 

My biggest challenge is ongoing.  I am a wife and a mother and my challenge is balancing a busy career and my family.  

kim6LWTL: Fill in the blanks 

Love is A GIFT. 
If more women helped one another IT WOULD BE LIFE CHANGING. 
One thing I would change about myself is I AM A TERRIBLE COOK. 
One thing I love about myself is MY SPONTANEITY.

LWTL: Name a woman who inspires you and tell us why? 

My mother inspires me.  She was and still is an amazing mother.  She always took the time to really be present. She listened to me and was and is always so positive and encouraging. She gave me the confidence that I have today.

LWTL: If you could share one piece of advice with other women what would it be? 

It is important to help lift each other up. Take the time to encourage other women, be positive. You never know the difference you make in someones life just by a few encouraging words.  After all, its a short life and we are only passing through and we are all here doing the best we can.

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