Natalie Grant is a multitasking dynamo. A mom to two young boys with a passion for cooking, design, decor, and children’s fashion, she launched her e-commerce site Boombaloo as a passion project five years ago. It all began as a home business, after the birth of her first child, and has now evolved into a brand families can rely on. The new Boombaloo will be launching in early 2014, so keep a look out! We sat down to chat with Natalie about how she balances it all, and her tips for working mom’s perusing their own dreams! 

LWTL: On a typical Tuesday night at 9pm, what would we find you doing?

NG: I would like to say on the couch watching a favourite episode with a glass of wine OR in bed – BUT, realistically you would find me putting the finishing touches on the boys lunches for school, placing the last load of laundry in the dryer, checking my oldest sons backpack to see what I forgot to sign, and lastly checking and replying to emails, such as now, (it’s 9:20pm).

LWTL: Who is your best friend? What makes your friendship special?

NG: While most people view there BF as their husband or significant other (and that he is), my best friend is actually still my BEST FRIEND that I have had since pre-school. Yes, pre-school. I think what makes it so special today is how many years we have been BF for, 28 years is a long time. Mind you, I think we knew back then we would be anyhow…

We hold opposite memories tight to remind each other of our past (good, bad, ugly). We can argue like sisters and forgive like family. Even though our lives are busy and there is distance (cities) between the two of us we can pick up where we left off like it was yesterday – hours (literally 3 hours some nights) on the phone seem like only minutes. On those “days from hell” when that glass of wine is just not doing the trick, with one phone call – we are each others “bottle”. A simple non verbal reaction between the two of us is STILL our “secret language” no matter how old we get.

LWTL: If you could trade shoes with someone for a day who would it be and why?

NG: If I could change shoes with someone for a day it would def be Steve Jobs. His insight would be priceless, and then of course I would tweak it to have a women’s touch. It would be very cool if my “women’s” touch could have left a mark on Apple too.

LWTL: How do you stay connected with your girlfriends?

NG: Social Media mostly. Emails second, and/or “bluetooth” phone calls on the way home some nights. “Ladies Nights” are also a must!

Natalie Grant 1

LWTL: Virtue & Vice?

NG: I battle this every day when it comes to balancing family & career…

LWTL: What is your favourite quote?

NG: “Go after what is meaningful to you in life… and trust yourself to know how to deal with the stress that follows”.

LWTL: Hot topics when you are hanging with your girlfriends?

Typically when I get together with gf’s we tend to meet somewhere neutral for all… getting “out” is rare these days.
Hot topics would include but not limited to KIDS, Kids, kids, work talk, “can we order a glass of wine”, stress, balancing life, spouses, “can we order another glass of wine”, fashion “where did your get your bag”, planning the next girls night; for whatever reason it seems to always end with “we need to get together more”. Sound familiar?

LWTL: What has been your biggest challenge?  How did you overcome it?

NG: To be honest, I think I am going through my biggest challenge as of yet. Marriage, Kids (5 and 3 1/2 year old), Entrepreneur, Finances, Life, BALANCE. I would LOVE to answer this when I think I have made it… at least over the hump.

LWTL: Fill in the blanks.

If more women helped one another THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

LWTL: Name a woman who inspires you and tell us why?

NG: My Mom’s – Mom. “Baba”. We are each others reflection. She is the strongest women that I know. From Growing up in Poland during the War, to starting over in a foreign country,to going thru hardships that I will never understand, to raising 4 very different/but similar kids, to teaching me the importance of values & respect, for having the grace to do it all so effortlessly and beautifully and return giving me the strength and courage to continue on my journey each and every day: to live life to the fullest!

LWTL: What piece of advice would you tell women getting started in their career?

NG: Don’t underestimate your own abilities. Don’t stop until YOU want to stop.

LWTL: What was the last book you read?

NG: ‘The Longest Ride’ by Nicholas Sparks. Actually, I’m kidding. I just Google’d that. However, I am a Nicolas Sparks fan so I potentially will read this book. Truth be told, the last book I read was – Yes, ’50 Shades of Grey’. All 3 books… on my iPad.

LWTL: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  Family? Kids? Career?

NG: Realistically if psychology as taught us well, I will still be on the computer at 10:30pm at night answering emails. However, I would hope 10 years from now my kids are still healthy and motivating me to be the best Mom I can be, more fun memories of my family are on my wall, and Boombaloo is everything I envisioned it to be right now, in this very moment.


If you could share one piece of advice with other women what would it be?

NG: Oh so many things, but to sum it all up I think I would simply say to be true to YOU! Yes, you can/will be a fantastic daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, aunt, employee, owner, etc.,but to be all those titles to so many different people at times you need to remember to be TRUE to who you are and to take care and take some time for YOU!

Thank you for sharing your inspiration, Natalie!