If you, too, are a Vancouver resident, then it’s likely that you also live in an apartment. Adapting to the “small apartment lifestyle” has become the norm here, and in so many other cities, too! Especially if you’re just starting out, a small space may be your reality and we want to offer some decorating tips to help your tiny living space feel luxurious and comfortable while you thrive in the big city!

It’s important to design with the intention of making your small space feel big; follow along to learn a few tricks of the trade!

Off the Wall

If you live in a tiny space, a dark colour on the wall can make the room feel enclosed and cramped. To counterbalance this, opt for a light colour such as this soft linen white or distant gray for a bigger and better brightening effect.

Step up your Storage

If you are feeling tight for space, we love the idea of floating shelves or a large shelving unit (thank you, Ikea!) that will not only be handy for storage, but will also function as a room divider – hello, double duty. Regardless of your storage situation, the bookshelf will tame potential clutter and help to distinguish your bedroom from your living room or kitchen space in a pinch.

Deck out your Decor

We highly recommend placing a big mirror above a loveseat or across a window as it will reflect the natural light, thereby creating a bigger and brighter feel. If you happen to have a small hallway, we suggest that you decorate it with picture frames or prints to utilize what might otherwise be perceived as just a thoroughfare. Every wall is an opportunity to show off your personal style!

Every Corner Counts

To your surprise, you may find that after arranging your lovely abode, you still have some room to play with. Make use of the corners in your home and create an office space or a cozy reading nook for your downtime. Another idea would be to store a couple of Poufs under your coffee table (we are loving the selection at West Elm) to pull them out for when you have company.

We hope that these practical (and stylish!) decorating ideas will help you make the most of your tiny space. Remember to keep it bright, play with texture, and have fun with our decorating tips!