#MentorMonday: Jasmine Strom

Jasmine Strom headshotThis week’s featured mentor is Jasmine Strom. Jasmine is the founder and creator of the children’s line Pure Shimmer Designs – a brand synonymous with luxury and fun in girl’s fashion. With dreamy tees and tutus covered in sparkle, girls can glitter from head-to-toe in the finest Swarovski crystals. Jasmine resides in sunny California, although her creations began in Vancouver, Canada.




We asked Jasmine a few simple questions about networking in Vancouver.

How and where did you form your most significant contacts?

“I met my most significant contacts in two places – my daughter’s school and church. By just talking to people and showing genuine interest in their lives, instead of only talking about my own, I was able to join forces with other incredible women around me.”

What advice do you have for the Vancouver woman who is just
starting out in her (fashion) career or considering a leap to a new career?

“Stay narrow and long – you can’t be everything to everyone! At first, I scrambled to add new items to my collection that customers had requested, only to discover that the next customer wanted something else. Do what you love and do it well. Just don’t take on too much, and grow a collection slowly.”

We can all get wrapped up in ourselves from time to time, so it’s good advice to take a step back, stop thinking and talking about yourself, and ask someone a question or two about what they’re up to lately, or what they’re into. They say the simplest compliment is just remembering someone’s name. How nice does it feel when someone you’ve met only once remembers your name? Better start practicing those name-remembering-exercises!

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