If you’re looking to push past that glass ceiling or reignite your career passion, connecting with a mentor may just be the way to do it. Elletourage can help match you with a mentor based on your career aspirations and life goals.

For all those feeling a little trepidatious, read below about Esther and Jasmine’s successful meeting on Elletourage. We hope their story inspires you to take a leap forward into your own mentor relationship.


LWTL: What do you do for a living?

Esther: Currently, I am an investigator and officer for a regulatory body. I am a lawyer by trade and my role is investigative/quasi-legal and I handle complaints and discipline matters against health care professionals.

Jasmine: I’m currently a full-time student. I’m in law school and I also work part-time at the university. I’m in my second semester.


Jasmine / photo provided

LWTL: Esther, have you previously had mentors?

Esther: Yes, I have had mentors throughout my career, primarily at law firms as I entered the workforce after graduating from law school.

LWTL: Jasmine, what prompted you to seek out a mentor?

Jasmine: Going back to school at 27 can be daunting. I wanted to have a little insight into what I should be expecting from such a challenging program like Law and eventually into my future career. Lunchwiththeladies.com was a great reference, in connecting me to a senior lawyer. She was able to share her experiences with me first hand, answer my questions and speak to the trials and tribulations that I was about to face. Esther shared some of the mistakes she made as a first year law student, and the experiences that were life-changing for her.

Also, a mentor can really help define what you want from your professional life as well as help shape your overall experience. They can guide your expectations and give you the upper hand in navigating through uncharted waters.


Esther / photo provided

LWTL: In your opinion, what personality traits make for a good mentee?

Esther: An individual with openness to receive feedback, ambition/drive; someone who is confident and adaptable.

LWTL: What were you hoping to gain from your initial meeting with Esther?

Jasmine: I was hoping to gain a better understanding of what the day-to-day expectations and challenges would be at law school. I had been out of school for several years, and didn’t want to be overwhelmed by the workload. I was also hoping to know more about her path and what she felt her most valuable experiences were while she was in school.

LWTL: What wisdom or knowledge would you ideally like to impart on a mentee?

Esther: Stay focused on a career track that best reflects your skill set, talent and passion. It’s ok to explore and try out new things but when you are ready to commit to a certain path, stay focused and committed.

LWTL: For someone seeking out a mentor, what would you recommend they look for?

Esther: Find someone who has taken the path that you want to take, and be diligent in your search for a good mentor. Finding a mentor should be an organic process but it also doesn’t just happen unless you make some effort. Connect with the right person who would be a good mentor and cultivate the relationship over time. Be careful about soliciting the advice of someone whose career/life path doesn’t necessarily reflect your trajectory. They may mean well but their advice may not be congruent with the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

LWTL: Where did your meeting take place? Has there been more than one, will there be future meetings or conversations?

Jasmine: Oddly enough we have yet to meet in person. I searched for a mentor on Lunchwiththeladies.com and was fortunate that there was a senior Lawyer who was willing to share her experiences with me, and because she’s based in Vancouver and I’m in Law school in Montreal, we haven’t had the chance to meet in person. I will say that I look forward to my next trip to Vancouver, so I can take her out for a coffee.


Jasmine / photo provided

LWTL: What did you gain from your time with Esther?

Jasmine: I gained the opportunity to speak with a lawyer who has figured out a great work/ life balance. Law school can be ultra-competitive. It was a relief to get a better idea of what would be expected of me and how much work I have to invest in order to reach my goals. I gained a lot from Esther’s perspective. Her professionalism, and generosity relieved so many of my first day anxieties.

LWTL: What did you hope Jasmine took away from your initial meeting? What are you hoping she gains over time?

Esther: I’m hoping that she benefitted from the focused advice that I gave for excelling in her legal studies, especially in the first couple of years. Over time, I hope I can continue to provide practical career advice and perhaps when she enters the legal workforce, we can be referral colleagues.


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