It goes without saying that water is essential to optimal health. It helps to carry nutrients to cells, regulate body temperature, lubricate joints and aid in digestion.

As the temperatures rise, so should your water intake. We all know that the key to enjoying a summer heatwave is to stay hydrated; yet ensuring you’ve gulped down an adequate amount of water can easily become an overlooked task. Luckily, 20% of our daily water intake can be gained through certain fruits and vegetables.

If you’re having a hard time drinking those eight glasses of H2O, consider packing these eight foods for lunch in order to fight dehydration.

Iceberg lettuce

  • Water content: 95.6%

Although there are darker and healthier greens out there such as spinach and kale, iceberg lettuce is highest in water content. On hot days switch up your greens routine with this head of lettuce instead.


  • Water content: 91.5%

It’s no wonder that watermelon is a popular summertime fruit. It’s high in water content and serves as a versatile snack; create a watermelon feta salad, blend it with water or eat it solo.


  • Water content: 92.1%

Cauliflower is a wonderful superfood with not nearly enough attention. Don’t let the hard, crunchy texture fool you. This cruciferous vegetable is high in water content.

Green Peppers

  • Water Content 93.9%

Although all peppers contain healthy elements, green peppers have the highest water retention. These refreshing, crunchy vegetables are easy to incorporate into your diet as a quick snack.


  • Water Content: 94.5%

The best way to retain all the water and juicy nutrients from tomatoes is by eating whole cherry tomatoes. Cutting large tomatoes is tricky as you can loose much of the vegetables juice.


  • Water Content: 96.7%

Cucumbers take the cake for holding the highest water content of all vegetables on this list. Again, an easy snack on its own or perfect to incorporate into sandwiches.


  • Water Content: 95.3%

Known for having a spicy bite, this root vegetable is a great addition to vamp up a salad. Radishes are both filled with water and have the same antioxidant principles found in green tea.


  • Water Content: 95.4%

Although celery generally gets swept under the rug when thinking of nutritious foods, it retains lots of water. Celery is an ideal base for juicing or get nostalgic and whip up some ants on a log!

As the summer months carry on, remember to incorporate these fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Eat alone as mid day snacks, or mix them all together as a triple threat salad!