If you know a thing or two about digital marketing, it is likely that you have personally or professionally used the trendy app, Instagram. This social media platform has become a worldwide sensation, with over 75 million users to date.

At the LWTL office, we can’t get enough of the beautifully staged shots and landscape views or contest announcements and store updates from our favourite businesses and bloggers! As such, we thought we would share some of our favourite Instagram accounts in the hopes that they will add a bit of inspiration and pep to your day.

Followers: 380K
Co-founded by Lauren Conrad & Hannah Skvarla, The Little Market is an online marketplace that sells handmade goods, with the mission to empower female artisans in developing countries. Beautiful products, beautiful company. #girlpower

Followers: 313K
Sara Donaldson brings minimalism back with her cool tones and a wardrobe that consists of primarily black, white and grey. Shades aside, we just love her style. #minimalist

Followers: 326K
For all those foodies out there (and nonfoodies, too!), add a little eye candy to your feed and start following here! Sharing food and drink images from all over the world, we bet you will find a recipe for just about anything. #delicious

Followers: 158K
Everything about this instagram page is, well, darling. Since we are all about the empowerment of women, we love that they have a category for every “kind”, whether you are a dreamer, a stylist, an explorer or a beautician. Now, #thatsdarling

Followers: 11.8K
Founder + Principal of boutique PR and Marketing firm, Sparkle Media, Erin is no stranger to the creation of compelling content. With just a quick glance to her personal account, we guarantee that you’ll either want to be her or want to work for her! #girlboss

Followers: 52.6K
Ok, sure – everyone has their own theory on what it is to be happy. But you can never turn down a “free guide to happiness”! This page is filled with inspirational quotes and will have you starting your day off on the right note. #happyfeet

Followers: 2.3m
If you live for fashion and travel, Aimee Song will rock your world. Whether she’s in LA or Iceland or the Cinque Terre of Italy, her page will have you booking your next flight in no time, along with finding that perfect outfit to match! #travelinstyle

Followers: 137K
Founder and creator, Kara Allen, shares thousands of party ideas and DIY tutorials so you, too, can throw a good party! From kids birthdays to wedding celebrations, Kara has just about everything covered. #letsparty

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