Food products fall in and out of trend constantly. It is often we hear immense benefits about a previously over looked item that eventually turns into a societal trend. We all love kale for some added punch, coconut oil for smooth skin and oil pulling for detoxifying, but at the Elletourage offices, Apple Cider Vinegar has been a natural home remedy we cant get enough of!

Rich in magnesium, iron and calcium, ACV is a common ingredient in many households for salad dressings and recipe, but did you know that ACV is full of health and beauty benefits, too?

A few facts about ACV:

1. ACV has been proven to help with heartburn and improve digestion. The vinegar helps your body reach a more alkaline state, which aids in proper digestion. If you have bowel issues, drink a couple tablespoons mixed in water prior to eating.

2. ACV balances PH levels within your skin. This is what leads to it being such an effective astringent toner.

3. ACV boosts immunity. This is solely because it is packed with good for you vitamins and minerals that flush out toxins and fight sickness.

If you have yet to try this amazing solution, we give you the full go ahead! From our experience, apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective all encompassing home remedies.

Note: it is important to buy the kind that has “Mother” in it and has not been stripped of its properties. It will look like it has stringy bits floating in it.