It’s officially summertime! If you live in Vancouver along with the LWTL team, we are so lucky to have a handful of beautiful beaches to enjoy at our leisure. If you don’t, perhaps you have a favourite beach or lake to enjoy, and if that’s not a possibility, a bright green stretch of grass will do just fine!  Before you lay back for for a little relaxation and sun soaking with your ladies, here are our beach bag essentials!

1. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream

Protecting your skin from the sun is necessary. This sunscreen has a strong SPF protection while also acting as a highly nourishing face lotion. It’s non-oily and absorbs quickly. Perfect for the beach or every day use!

2. Portable Beach Speakers

These inexpensive raindrop speakers protect your ipod or iphone from water and sand. Plug in your music, put on the cover and zone out to some beach tunes.

3. Reusable Water Bottle, filled with fruit

Staying hydrated is a must. Throw some chopped fruit in your bottle for a yummy and healthy summer drink. Try cucumber and strawberry, or lemon ginger.

4. Sugar Tinted Lip Balm

Any lip balm with SPF in it will do, however we love the hue of this Sugar lip treatment, proven to keep lips moisturized for 6 hours. SPF 15 and a subtle colour? Perfect match with a fresh, au natural glow!

5. Facial Cleansing Wipes

After the sun, sand and lotions, always be sure to wipe away dirt and oils for fresh and healthy skin. Neutrogena is always a classic go-to.

And of course, no beach bag is complete without a good read. Next week we will compile a list of our favorite beach books, but check out our list of the 5 books every woman in her 20’s should read. Enjoy!