Let’s face it – the older you get the harder it can be to make new girlfriends. Especially, if you decide to move away from the place where you grew up to a new town or city. For the early part of our lives it seemed all we needed was our high school girlfriends to get us through the tough times and share a bottle of wine with on a Friday night. Yet, as we grow up and move away from home, the reality of making a big move sets in. Having to start over in a new city can leave a girl feeling a little lonely and before we know it our weekends are spent streaming Real Housewives marathons and Skyping our ladies from back home. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about making friends after a big move, stepping out of your comfort zone is absolutely essential. Try something new with these four steps to friendship-building success!

1. Be Boldly Authentic

The most important thing we can tell you about trying to make new friends is you must remain authentic to yourself. Not only do you NOT want to lose sight of who you are for the sake of fitting in, but you need to be yourself to draw in who those that fit with your personality. This will apply to everything in your life! Take a look at your job and after-work activities. Are you involved in your passion and in the job you really want? When you are, you will begin to meet like-minded people who share the same interests and values as you do. When you are doing the things you love, you are genuinely a more open hearted, affable, and passionate person and others will be drawn to you.

2. Let Social Media Make the Introductions

You may be surprised by the ways ladies are making friends these days. If you ask around, you’ll find many women have made real friendships through social media. We highly recommend joining Twitter. Twitter is a great communication tool for business, but can also provide connections to ladies within your city who share similar interests. It’s easy to build a network through Twitter professionally or personally, and the next time you are looking for a familiar face to grab a coffee with, you will have options.

3. Be a “Yes” Woman

It’s only natural that you will be busy setting up your new place and new life, yet we can’t stress this next tip enough: say “yes” to every invite you get early on in the game – especially if you think there’s any chance for a possible friendship. The reality is that when you move to a new city, you are often meeting women who already have established social circles and lead busy lives. They may not feel the need to make new friends and you can’t take it personally. If they do extend an invite for you to join them at a girl’s night, they may just be being nice to “the new girl” in town, but may not bother to ask again. The invite could be your golden ticket into their social circle, so jump at the chance while you can!

4. Broaden Your Connection through Different Avenues

We know how busy ladies can be and how difficult it can be to build new connections especially when moving to a new city. Elletourage was specifically created to help build friendships among women with similar interests. Sign up today and join a community of ladies just like you, who are interested in expanding their social network!