The further we get into womanhood the more we realize good girlfriends are fewer, further between and more difficult to make. What is it about getting into your 20’s that makes building new friendships seem so difficult? Well, many women during this time in their lives are so committed to building a career, a relationship with their man and keeping tight ties to their go-to girls that there isn’t much time left for anything else. In fact, one study conducted by Real Simple and the Families Work Institute, found most ladies after the age of 25 reported having less than 90 minutes of free time a day, with 29 percent having less than 45 minutes of free time. That’s barely enough time to catch up on an episode of “Girls”, let alone build a new friendship.

That’s where we come in (it’s kind of our specialty, in case you didn’t know), with a few tips on how to bring new ladies into your life and make good girlfriends in your 20’s!

1) You know those pesky Groupons that keep filling up your inbox? Well, they could actually help you meet new people by providing an inexpensive way to try a new activity such as a cooking or yoga class. New friendships are more than often based on shared interests and what better excuse to get yourself out of the house to try something new than with a commitment-free coupon?

2) Be a lovely hostess. As your surely know, most girls will accept any excuse for a good cocktail and homemade dinner. As long as your place isn’t too far of a commute for your new connections, they will have no excuse to say no! Host a dinner party at your place and invite a few ladies you would like to get to know better. If all goes well, you could even make it a weekly dinner or brunch with the girls and an excellent excuse for more much-needed girl time.

3) Let’s face it we can all be a little guilty of judging a book by it’s cover at times. So, make sure to expand your ideas of what your friendships should look like. There’s definitely nothing wrong with having friendship standards but sometimes we get too caught up finding someone to fit our a perfect mold of what we think a friendship should look like based on for example, the way someone dresses or what kind of music they listen to, etc. Looking back, you likely never considered these things when you initially met your current besties. Many of your long-term friendships were likely built before those things even mattered and you were just focused on getting to know someone’s personality rather than making a snap judgement based on their appearance. So, consider some of the people you have met recently and releasing predisposed conceptions that could lead to missed opportunities for friendships.

4) While getting out of comfort zone, consider other avenues of meeting people that you previously ruled out. In the age of technology, we are fortunate enough to have instantaneous tools to ease the meeting process such as Elletourage. Our main mission is to provide women with opportunities to meet other women with similar interests and create friendships. It’s the perfect, easy way to instantly connect with other ladies in their 20’s + who also hope to build connections with those outside their current friend group, so join today!