Having a strong female figure guiding you through the unique challenges of womanhood in both your professional and personal life can make all the difference. As women, we tend to take everything onto our own shoulders, striving to maintain a sense of pride instead of asking for help. A mentor can be helpful to assist in gaining a sense of perspective, knowledge and having someone to turn to when you need a voice of reason.

How can you find one? The idea of approaching a mentor may seem a little daunting at first and out of your comfort zone. Try to remember that mentors appreciate the opportunity as it allows them to sharpen their leadership and and management skills. You can feel good knowing it is a two-way street and there’s no reason to not connect with someone today.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we believe having a mentor could change your life:

1. You will feel more empowered and inspired. Spending time with a strong and successful woman will serve as a reminder that we can go after the goals and dreams we strive for. Mentors are living and thriving proof that your dreams can be accomplished with the tools, knowledge and experience to achieve them. Why not jump at the chance to develop a new found and unwavering sense of empowerment?

2. Mentors provide an excellent sounding board. Sometimes your friends aren’t the most suitable resource when it comes to your career and it’s better to confide in someone who will listen as well as provide professional insight. Whether considering a job change or looking for tips on boardroom etiquette, a mentor can provide you with the advice you need.

3. One good piece of advice could make all the difference. A good conversation with a mentor can lead to life-changing knowledge. Think of all the lessons you have learned just in the past year. Can you imagine all the things you would say to your 5 years younger self with the abundance of knowledge you have now? Well a mentor can do just that by providing you with the insider tips only someone with a wealth of experience could provide.

4. If you’re considering branching out on your own, avoid new business blunders. As a budding entrepreneur, this is where mentors can be incredibly effective, saving you a lot of time and avoidable mistakes. They know what you are going through and can help you immensely if you will let them. They could connect you with the right people or advise you against time wasting activities helping to steer you in the right direction. Hours of internet research can be avoided by having just one good conversation with a mentor. They have likely been through it all themselves and can easily recommend resources, contacts and advise on the do’s and dont’s of the industry.

5. Build powerful connections. Connecting with a mentor in your chosen field can also lead to opportunities you would not have previously considered. As a highly valuable business contact, they may even help you get the job of your dreams or connect you with someone who can. If you make a good impression on them, when a job opening comes up they will remember you as a keen go-getter with the motivation and confidence it takes to succeed.

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Quick Tip: When you work with a mentor, just make sure to be prepared. Decide ahead of time what you hope to learn and gain from the relationship and be ready to ask questions. The mentor will appreciate you being prepared and it will allow you to get you the most out of the experience. Also, make sure to thank the mentor for her time spent with you.