Victoria Jeanne Redlon is a Legal Administrative Assistant with a background in customer service. It is her life goal to build a long and successful career in the law system in Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver can be a tough nut to crack, and the law industry can be pretty cut-throat, so we spoke to Victoria about her experience navigating her career thus far. Here’s what she had to say:

Victoria Jeanne RedlonQ: How and where did you form your most significant contacts? How have these changed over time?

I met my most significant contacts through the three firms I have worked at over the years. The first contact was a female lawyer who I ended up becoming very good friends with after leaving the firm. She has offered me amazing advice and lived an incredible life. She surprised me in her ability to balance career with twin boys and still always treat people with kindness. At the next two firms (one is my current firm), I made significant contacts through my co-workers. They helped me learn so much about the industry, connected me to volunteer organizations to help out with, and informed me of positions available to advance my career. The women I have worked with have been, and continue to be, invaluable to me.

Q: What advice do you have for the Vancouver woman who is just starting out in her career or considering a leap to a new career?

I want to share some amazing advice here I received from a previous “higher up” at the first company I worked for. (It was a temp-job and I was nervous about my first interview at a law firm.) He told me – that at the end of the interview, no matter what happened – to look the interviewer in the eye and ask for the job, straight-out. He said that doing this would make me stick out in a sea of individuals who would never directly ask for it. And, he was right. It was such a scary thought to me at the time. So, I didn’t do it right away, but when I received the generic rejection email I decided, “why not?” So, I sent back an email stating that (while at the moment they did not have an opening suited for me) they should hire me regardless, because in a few months, when I was fully trained and ready to work, they would have an opening. And, it worked! It got me a job offer. Never take no for an answer. Go to the interview and ask for what you want. If they say no, then at the end of the day, at least you know that you gave it your all; and they may change their mind about you because you stood out.

We absolutely LOVE this story! Sometimes us women have a tendency to shy away from asking for what we really want. And often times when we do work up the courage to ask for it, we get it! There’s nothing to lose! Thank you Victoria, for sharing this excellent piece of advice to our readers.


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