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There are a lot of people out there who think they are bloggers. Well, Rebecca Bollwitt is a blogger, in every sense of the word. You may have heard of the little blog that she manages; you know, that one all about Vancouver.

Although she built her first website in 1997, Rebecca has been blogging about life in BC since 2004 on and podcasting since 2005. Rebecca co-founded sixty4media in 2008, a WordPress website development firm, and has co-authored two books: Blogging to Drive Business (2010) and Blogging to Drive Business 2nd Edition (2012). Over the years, Miss604 has become Vancouver’s most award-winning blog.

We asked Rebecca a few questions about what networking looks like in her world of blogging and developing websites (for almost twenty years). Here’s what she had to say.

Q: How and where did you form your most significant contacts? How have these changed over time?

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When I first started blogging, I attended many meetups and conferences in the early days of Vancouver’s tech boom, connecting with other people who were innovating and evolving within industries online. In those days, blogging wasn’t a job or a business, and some of the city’s top tech companies were in their infancy. Bouncing ideas off others, listening to speakers, and sharing ideas was key for me.

One of my first clients (in website development) was an adventure race operator who also coordinated some major award-winning city events in the area. We’ve since partnered for over 30 events and festivals over the years.

I have also made many connections through my blog, with people and companies, that have lasted almost a decade because our partnerships have been so successful. They took the leap in sending me an email via my contact form; or I have approached them, and we’ve built relationships from there. All you have to do is ask, and open a door, to see what opportunities lie behind it.

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Q: What does networking look like in your world? What are some of your top tips for successfully networking in this city?

I believe that I have made the best connections, to grow my online business, by meeting people in-person. Connecting offline to benefit online really works when you put a face and a handshake to a profile photo. In Vancouver, check out to find like-minded people in almost any industry or with almost any similar interest or hobby.

I also encourage locals to submit their events to my monthly listings. I get a lot of great suggestions sent in for that: young entrepreneurs groups, knitting clubs, book readings, walking tours and more take place each month in Vancouver.

Q: What advice do you have for the Vancouver woman who is just starting out in her career or considering a leap to a new career?

Make sure it’s something you love; that you love so much that, when you are swimming in tasks and deadlines, that love will keep you going. Also, remember to schedule and balance your time. Don’t glorify being busy. You can work extremely hard but still have time to play hard too!

So there you go. Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, even in our ever-growing digital world! And making the right connections can mean a lifetime of collaboration and supporting one another. You just have to reach out and see what happens.

Thank you so much Rebecca, for responding to our questions and allowing us to feature you in our eBook “Voices of Vancouver: Networking and Succeeding.” If you’d like a free copy, just sign up to be a member of Elletourage.


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