carlene-higgins-headshotWant a peek into the fashion world?

Us too!

That’s why we interviewed Carlene Higgins, Fashion and Beauty Director of FLARE Magazine for our eBook “Voices of Vancouver: Networking and Succeeding.”

We asked Carlene a few key questions:


How and where did you form your most significant contacts? How have these changed over time?

I’ve definitely made my most significant contacts in the current role I have as fashion and beauty director at Flare Magazine. In this role, I attend a ton of events, which means I regularly mix and mingle with fellow writers and editors, as well as a host of different public relations individuals.

What does networking look like in your world? What are some of your top tips for successfully networking in this city?

In publishing, we attend several events weekly to introduce editors to new products, which allows us to meet many new professionals. Increasingly, however, brands are investing in short-term media events, meaning they are inviting bloggers and social media stars who aren’t affiliated with a corporation. So, while this sounds quite five years ago, starting your own path in social media may mean making your own success story if you manage to master the art of attracting a great number of followers–no diploma required.

What advice do you have for the Vancouver woman who is just starting out in her career or considering a leap to a new career?

I can’t speak for other industries but in publishing and public relations, internships are a great way to get your foot in the door. It may mean living at your parents’ house one semester longer, since most of these positions are unpaid, but it is a way to get in front of key players in the industry. And if you’re really, really good at filing, photocopying, and taking care of general admin tasks, people do take notice and keep you in mind for future projects–and it looks great on your resume.

Excellent points, and nothing too surprising here. Sometimes you have to take that entry-level job and work your butt off to get noticed–but usually it pays off. As well, networking in person, as well as over social media can be integral to you making connections in the publishing industry. Thank you for your thoughts, Carlene!


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