We know that there is still over a month left of summer… but that doesn’t mean we have to contain our excitement for the upcoming Fall 2015 fashion trends!

We’ve done our research (thank you VOGUE, ELLE and Fashion Magazine!) and we can’t wait to share with you our favourite looks to come! Keep reading to learn more about these hot trends and how to perfect them!


We don’t mind living on the edge at the Elletourage Office – especially when it comes to Fall fashion. Be prepared for more menswear-inspired suits and lace pin-ups that scream “Lady Boss” and what Fashion Magazine likes to say, “Professor-Worthy Power”. Gender bending styles are coming in all different shapes and sizes, and we can’t wait to experiment as we prepare ourselves to dress for success! Need direction? Stella McCartney has you covered, here.


It’s no surprise to hear that the Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Shows have showcased a bountiful amount of fur! Choosing to go “faux”, this look alike fur always adds an element of luxury to the outfit. Whether it’s a ‘fur’ stole or a ‘fur’ coat, it will hit two birds with one stone and keep you warm while looking fab! 


Believe it or not, fringe is going to be one of the biggest trends for Fall 2015. The fringe craze is popping up for most clothing items, from oversized sweaters to fringe suede jackets to long fringe skirts. And if you’re not sure on how to rock this look, Bustle shares some tips and tricks on how to integrate the fringe look into your current wardrobe.


We’re seeing a lot more of it these days and we’re happy to take it to the next level! Mixing different patterns can create a super edgy feel and well, edgy is in! Whether you are playing with stripes of different sizes or combining stripes with a floral pattern, it is said that you can mix up to four prints as long as they fall in the same colour range. Read on to learn about how some of our favourite celebrities rock their different patterns, here.

What Fall 2015 trend are you looking forward to the most? Comment below!