Have you ever considered down-sizing, relocating or downtown city living for your family? Christie and her husband have done just that.  Read about her experience here and then connect with this inspiring urban mom! 

Two little girls attending a wonderful elementary school, a lovely 3 storey townhouse, flexible work where rush hour wasn’t a regular occurrence, loads of support, and not to forget we had chosen to move to the burbs 5 plus years ago to make roots for our family.  Leaving a Canucks game in February 2011, my husband and I found ourselves wishing we were only minutes from home.  A home in the city.  Do people raise children in the city?  Are the schools good?  Condo-living, does it actually work?  The thought of living in the heart of the hustle and bustle, downsizing our living-space, simplifying our needs, all appealed to us.  BUT do families actually thrive in a metropolis?  Is it safe?  Will the girls welcome change?  Are we crazy to consider leaving our amazing neighborhood?photo-51The desire to live in the heart of the city increased.  We decided to explore our options seriously.  At the time, our current school Principal was kind enough to check into the catchment schools of the areas we were considering.  Our first choice for school and neighborhood had a wait-list, sure enough real people raised families in the city.  Our family decided to start with a 1-2 year commitment.  We sold or gave away the majority of our things, as down-sizing was a must.  We were relocating to a 2 bedroom and den, 2 bathroom (fortunately) and a balcony, 12th floor, 1000 square foot place in Yaletown.  I remember when we first introduced the kids to our new home, they thought we had moved into a hotel.  We park underground, have an elevator, a concierge, a pool and gym, a communal room for garbage and recycling, and we have gigantic gardens and playgrounds complete with Seawall as our expansive get that this style of living isn’t for everyone, but for those of like-mind who think people don’t raise kids in the city, we stand corrected. Our life rocks!  We spend more time as a family, we are inspired daily to get outside and be active, we see more out-of-town friends, we participate in more local events, and the ’10 second tidy’ rarely takes more than 10 seconds in a small place.  With less space, we shop for food almost daily, we are forced to de-clutter regularly or re-consider bringing things home, we have downtime inside and energy outside, and we tend to arrange play dates and socialize out and about the neighborhood.  The public school we attend is forward thinking, culturally diverse, tech savvy, has an incredible staff, strong parent support, and is involved both in the local community and globally.  We feel very fortunate our family is learning the rules of the road and that our girls are exposed to an array of situations they may never have experienced living in the suburbs.

ChristieOur two year commitment has passed and the four of us continue to embrace city living!  I encourage everyone to strongly consider your desires, do your homework and realize the true possibilities that are out there to enjoy!

Considering city living, touch base! I love caring, sharing and connecting,so feel free to reach out anytime. or @mom_ontherun