Could you go a year without makeup? How about a day? A little terrifying to think about isn’t it… but it shouldn’t be.

From the moment we flip through our first Vogue magazine, we are conditioned to believe perfection equals beauty. Hollywood starlettes and models are “corrected” with a full face of makeup, and the Disney princesses we grew up watching are too. Flawless skin, perfect lips, and the lashes go for miles. Don’t even get us started on the B and the P words – Barbie and Photoshop; the unrealistic and completely unattainable standards of beauty that leave us feeling inadequate.raw beauty talks 2

Somewhere along the way we have completely lost our real selves; that real self is raw, beautiful and deserves to be seen! Something NEEDS to change, and we are so thrilled to see and be a part of this change taking place in our own backyard. RAW Beauty Talks, a movement created by Vancouver entrepreneur Erin Treloar, reminds us that beauty is not skin deep and to let our true beauty shine! TV host Fiona Forbes and other inspiring local women are shedding every speck of makeup to show true power and confidence, sharing insightful ideas about beauty and self-love.

raw beauty talks 1

RAW Beauty Talks imagines a world where women are valued for their brains and hearts over their appearance. We hope that someday the word “beauty” will be redefined so it is no longer based on weight, height or skin colour and you can help to change the conversation. RAW Beauty Talks serves as source of inspiration with motivating quotes and photos from real women proving fresh faced = flawless! So, get involved and join the movement. Join the dialogue on Twitter or Facebook, and send RAW Beauty Talks a pic of your makeup-free face via social media with the hashtag #RAWbeautytalks – who knows, you could help change the world!