If you’re setting-up house in your beau’s bachelor pad rather than starting fresh together, there is a chance your personal styles may collide. His sports memorabilia is likely already hanging from the walls above his bachelor pad couch and none of it may be fitting into the picturesque vision you had of your dream place together. While it may be tempting to move in and simply get rid of what you don’t like, he’s likely more attached to his furnishings than you would think. Creating a home together is a wonderful thing, but merging two styles, tastes, and collections can be daunting. Thankfully, there are ways to graciously navigate the task!

So, how do you merge your two respective styles without causing a post-move in fight? These tips are sure to ease the transition!

his and her decor 11. If the feel of the rooms in his place currently say nothing about you, there are little ways to add your personal touch. In the living room, decide on a gender-neutral colour scheme you both like such as olive green, beige, grey, rustic red or light blue. If his apartment doesn’t have a man-cave where his prized possessions can be featured, then you’ll have to compromise on the wall decor. Even it up by selecting an an even number of art pieces that allows each of you two photos or art pieces each to display in the room. If you really can’t agree on removing some of his items, see if he is okay with moving them into an office or a hallway where they are still visible but not a main décor feature. It’s important that you both agree on the visual centerpiece of the living room, so, it may be best to invest in a purchased piece of art that you both love if you don’t have one already.

2. The coffee table and bookcases should be shared spaces where you both display your favourite reads and décor. When deciding what to keep and throw out from your respective furniture collections, sentimental value is important. If his grandmother’s rug isn’t your favourite item but means a lot to him definitely try to find a place for it within the apartment and vice versa for your cherished possessions. If he insists on keeping his couch (after you try to convince him otherwise), pair it with your chairs and add a touch of femininity with the pillows and cozy throw blankets.

his and her decor 23. When it comes to the bedroom, choose a few decorative pillows and throws with patterns and colours that you can both agree on. Definitely don’t be shy about including your favourite scented candles in your décor. He may be unsure about them at first, but will eventually appreciate the feminine touch after he gets comfortable with the idea. For most of us ladies, the bedroom can be the most difficult place to kick our love for girly things, especially when we live to feature our cute shoe and jewelry collections. Try a different approach to your organization by storing your beloved belongings in vintage hat boxes and suitcases, as most men can also appreciate a vintage touch to decor. Decide on a neutral bedspread that you both love as there are a variety of options out there that allow for both feminine and masculine tastes. Your bedside is the  perfect spot for your lotions and jewelry, while he can use his for whatever he likes. There’s also nothing wrong with adding your keen eye for style to the likely untouched bedroom walls. A large DIY framed chalkboard is a sweet way to display both personal photos or quotes. It also serves as a perfect way to leave each other cute notes or reminders in the morning before heading out to work – a fun touch to the start your new life together!

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