As 2014 comes to an end and we approach yet another year, January has always been a suiting time to recharge your mind and set new self goals, also known as new years resolutions. Of course, it’s important to be constantly striving to improve year round, but something about expanding your limits at the beginning of a fresh year has a nice ring to it.

Whether you’re looking to focus more on your health, career, family or your inner self, it is important to set goals that are achievable, measurable and always serving the purpose of bettering yourself.

We know it’s easy to start a resolution with the buzz of the new year, but quickly lose sight of the goals you wholeheartedly set for yourself. To help you combat this, Elletourage has done a little research about the secrets of what it takes to meaningfully achieve your resolutions. These tricks can be applied to goals as big as starting a new career step, or as small as finishing that book series on your nightstand.

How to commit to your resolutions:

1. Commit to a ritual: When making the personal decision to set a goal, the power of your intention if key. Visualize what you want, then focus on how you’re going to start going after it. This may mean setting a specific time each day to tackle your new task, like setting 8pm each night for reading only, or ensuring that you set your alarm an hour earlier each morning to hit the treadmill.

2. Write it down: Instead of just thinking about resolutions on January 1st, write your resolutions down and place them somewhere that you can revisit often. Reminding yourself of the things want will allow it to more easily integrate into your life (plus, who can deny something when it’s in writing, right?).

3. Get specific: Before making a change, you need to fully understand what you want. Crafting your resolutions, with a realistic goal, and setting clear cut objectives will make them easier to achieve. Make specific steps and set quantifiable timelines – this strategic goal planning will help you stay on track once.

4. Make the time: Re-evaluate your use of time and, if necessary, set your priorities by clearing time in your busy schedule to focus on your resolutions. Allow yourself to be available to work towards your goals and you’re halfway there.

5. Collaborate: Get involved in meeting people who are striving for the same thing you are. These are the type of people that will inspire you with support and positivity, bettering the outcome!

We hope you feel inspired to take those baby steps towards an improved YOU in 2015.

Happy New Year!