The independently organized TEDx Vancouver conference took place last weekend at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre located in downtown Vancouver.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED Talks has created an influential name as being a top producer of unique speeches well worth a listen. Vancouver attendees had the pleasure of listening to a slew inspiring speakers share their bright ideas and wealth of knowledge each within 20 short minutes. Apart from thought provoking talks, there was beautiful musical performances, art installations and 2,500 exciting individuals to meet, interact and share opinions with.

In the latest Vancouver installment, the title and theme of the conference was to “TILT.” Or in other words, to view things from different angles and a 360-degree perspective on pressing issues such as culture, motivation, and self-acceptance. More specifically, the 14 guest speakers outlined their unique ideas on the fall of misogyny, the dangers of bias in news sectors, how infrastructure of a city connects to happiness and safety for its citizens, and how we can in times of defeat rise up to strength and courage. The conference was closed with an informational interview between TEDx host and lululemon founder Chip Wilson.

Our favourite 3 female speakers included: 

Lesley Kim: Leslie’s beautiful talk described her journey though gaining vision only in times of complete darkness. We laughed and cried during her talk making it a memorable speech that will resonate with many. Leslie reminds us to do maintenance on our spirits and minds. She is a true inspiration and we commend her for the creation of her Spectacle Gala.

Treana Peake: Clothing designer and philanthropist described her work done with the Obakki foundation, supplying clean water to African countries. Treana reminded us of the gratitude in giving what we can with no expectation of something in return.

Coleen Christie: This news anchor had people buzzing in her talk about large our consumption of media in the Information Age. Coleen empowered us though sharing her journalistic experiences and reminding us about issues that matter, without media overconsumption or bias.

Be sure to check out these speakers websites and learn more about them. All are inspiring ladies doing great things, they will motivate you to do the same!