By Clio de la Llave, President & Founder of Booje Media

GirlsBeing a Vancouver-born agency, we attribute a huge part of our success to networking and connecting with others in our city and beyond. In the last couple of years, we have seen a shift in the way people do business and communicate with one another – and we think it’s great! Being immersed in social media, we get the opportunity to see friendships and business relationships grow via the many social networks. Sometimes our schedules, – or our shyness! –  limits us from meeting new people or connecting with the right people. What social media networks have been doing are breaking those barriers and letting people connect with whoever they want, and that is why we are so excited for the launch of Elletourage !

As a digital marketing agency, we are lucky to leverage what we know to maximize the benefits social networks have to offer, but it may not be as obvious to everyone on how to do this. That’s why a social platform like LWTL is the perfect platform to start on – because it truly connects you with like-minded women! Whether it be for business or to finding new friends, we are firm believers that you can never know enough great people in this world.

ClioTechnology keeps opening many doors for us, and it is those who embrace it and adapt that will be witness to all it has to offer. Many have argued that social media leads to an anti-social behaviour, but if used in the right way, it can have the complete opposite effect. Never before has it been so easy to stay in touch with family & friends around the globe. The support we receive on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram when we reach our networks is overwhelming! Mentalities are changing, and people are starting to realize that more is better than one!  Social media channels have given us tools to support the people, the businesses, & the movements that we believe in with authenticity, day in & day out.

If there is one piece of advice to anyone starting a business, moving to a new city or just looking to branch out, it’s that you have the power to change. Integrate yourself in your community, find like-minded people, and from there it’s a snowball effect… you’ll be needing a calendar just to keep your coffee dates organized!

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