How did you get involved in the wellness industry? Where did it all begin, and how has it grown and changed?

I began my wellness journey after spending two decades living out of alignment. I would go so far as to say I was a hot mess for periods of my life. I had big jobs that I had no passion for. I was chasing things that I thought would bring me happiness, all the while trying to drown out the inner voice that was screaming at me to follow my soul’s purpose. I wouldn’t change anything, because it was all a part of my journey, but my lifestyle was making me physically and emotionally sick.

I experienced a pivotal moment when I recognized I could no longer feel enslaved to my circumstances and I decided to take my power back. I quit my job, gave away my possessions and booked a flight to Europe. I began a dedicated journey of self-discovery and healing while sitting in cafes and temples with my journal. I began a daily yoga and meditation practice and started training to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I have always been deeply interested in spirituality and holistic health, but it wasn’t until I hit a low point in my life that I realized these things that fed my soul were also my dharma. Holistic Nutrition has turned out to be just a tiny piece of what I understand to be a much bigger plan for me.

I started my business, Holistic Rain, just 2 years ago when I began creating jewelry with the crystals and gemstones I’d been collecting throughout my travels for decades. I wanted to create soulful pieces that help people to feel vibrant, powerful, radiant, and supported on their spiritual path. Holistic Rain has quickly expanded to include Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Workshops, Health and Wellness Events, Meditation Tools, and even some Bohemian Home Décor. Every day is new and I can’t wait to see where this journey continues to take me.

If you could tell your 19-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

Stop swimming upstream. There’s a much bigger plan for you, and you are not meant to constantly struggle. Trust that you are being divinely guided and protected, that you are deserving, and allow for all of life’s magic to unfold.

What is your greatest fear?  How do you plan on overcoming it?

I don’t live in fear anymore, and I don’t give any attention to old beliefs when they creep up. Energy flows where attention goes, so I’m very intentional with my thoughts. I’ve also got a pretty high risk tolerance and love to take action on new ideas without overthinking and analyzing. If it fails, it’s time to try something new.

When life get’s crazy how do you retain your composure?

I breathe. It sounds so simple, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool and you can do it anytime, anywhere. Take a few moments and inhale for 5 seconds through the nose, hold for 5 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds through the mouth. Repeat. It will change your life.

How and where did you form your most significant contacts? How have these changed over time?

I am truly blessed in this regard because I’ve lived in many different places, I’ve traveled a lot, and I connect with others easily out of genuine interest in people, so I have a network of wonderful friends all over the place that I hold really close to my heart.

What does networking look like in your world?  What are some of your top tips for successfully networking where you live?

I don’t intentionally network. I did, for many years, as a requirement of my job, but now I just do what I’m inspired to do, go where I’m drawn, and have conversations with people I find interesting. It’s incredible the network of people who show up when you’re in flow and just allowing.

What advice do you have for women who are just starting out in their career or considering a leap to a new career?

Think about what you’re doing when you lose track of time, are feeling inspired and full of joy. Do more of that. That is your dharma, your purpose, and when you decide to take inspired action toward your dreams, the people, the opportunities, and the money will follow. Take steps every day, no matter how small, towards your dreams and expect a beautiful life.

Holistic Rain custom-made, healing crystal jewellery

Holistic Rain custom-made, healing crystal jewellery