We want to help you get sandal-season ready! We know it may feel like a daunting process – but with the right tools, you’ll be flaunting those happy feet in no time! Skip the beauty salon and save yourself some time (and money) with these do-it-yourself pedicure tips.

Soak and Scrub

First things first. All you need is a tub, some warm water, and a good foot or body scrub from your local pharmacy.  Or, if you have the essentials, we love the sound of this tea tree and mint homemade foot scrub that will leave your feet feeling tingly clean and soft!

Allow your feet to soak for two to five minutes before scrubbing. Then, use a foot file to scrape off any dead skin on the heel of your foot or any rough area that happens to need a little more TLC!

Clip and File

Before you use a file, make sure you trim your nails with a nail-clipper to the approximate length that you want (trim on either side of the nail and one clip straight across the top). A nail file will help you smoothen out the corners and perfect your ideal shape – round or square – and will also help to strengthen your nails.

Cuticle Care

Don’t forget to attend to those cuticles! A DIY pedicure can go a long way if you apply a cuticle softener to the base of each nail before you push them back. If you’re looking to go all natural, you can even use something like olive or coconut oil if you happen to have dry, dull or chapped nails. That was easy!

Polish Me Pretty

Now for the fun part. Toss on those toe separators and get painting! Although it’s not necessary, we recommend you apply a base and top coat to keep your pedicure long-lasting, chip-free and super glossy!

Heel Cream

While this last step may seem like a no brainer, a moisturizer can help soothe (and prevent) dry cracked feet. Yet, if you are looking for something that will treat your already cracked heels, we recommend something like a tea tree heel cream – get the DIY lowdown here.

Now it’s time to flaunt those feet! Once your nails are dry and set (which takes a good few hours), you are in the clear to show off those pretty toes and toss on your favourite pair of sandals. Happy feet, happy girl!