We all live and function in a culture of overstimulation, constantly being on the go and overlooking the journey itself. More and more people have sought out floatation tanks as a way to ease daily stressors. This unique sensory deprivation experience may be just what busy city dwellers need. We’ve decided to investigate this trending treatment for our ladies!

Leave your day, and expectations at the door as you enter your float tank and begin your meditative state. Complete with roughly 800 grams of Epson salt (which buoys you up into a float), the tank is sound proof, light proof, neutral smelling and a relaxation space to call your own. As the familiar forces of gravity release and buoyancy takes over, the only thing touching you other than the saltwater are your earplugs, which you will soon forget are there. Float yourself to a unique state where all senses are blurred, and you can just float.

Benefits of flotation tanks are vast: physical benefits include pain management, increased immune functions, magnesium absorption and enhanced rejuvenation. Mind benefits include alleviating insomnia, stress and depression, boosting energy levels, endorphin release and sensory buffering.

As you lay in the tank, float away all thoughts about your increasing to-do list and soon approaching deadlines. In a society where we embrace, to a point of almost celebrating, being busy, reaching a meditative state can be downright challenging. The floatation tank remains a wonderful opportunity to embrace the now and create time for yourself where no one can demand your attention. Your only responsibility is accepting the bliss and reaping the benefits (which may take some practice).

Whether you float for the rest or the recharge, it is well worth the experience. Why not let floating fuel your mind and feed your soul.

Looking to delve further into floating information? We loved this busy mother’s honest portrayal of her reason to float. Her main reason? “You had me at alone.”